Coaching and Mentoring Services


Executive and Leadership Coaching for CXOs and Managers at all levels offered directly to Individuals at affordable rates

Contact Michelle at to confidentially explore how she can help you become more effective in the workplace and realise your potential.  Increase your awareness about your strengths and opportunities while working in parallel on the challenges and obstacles that currently seem insurmountable. In Michelle, you will find a balanced sounding board and a caring support system - someone who has been there, done that in diverse cross functional business and leadership roles and now more recently as a Coach.




Coaching and Mentoring Services offered in partnership with CNC Transcend Management Services (CNCTMS) - a Management Services firm that specializes in Business Strategy development and execution along with Leadership development for Growth Phase companies

Executive/Leadership Coaching for CXOs, senior leadership teams and middle level management

We help you address your Leadership Development Goals through an Executive Coaching approach while, in parallel, helping you meet your Organisation Goals through our proven Strategy Consulting – Business Mentoring approach. The combined efforts of Strategy Consulting, Business Mentoring and 1:1 Coaching, as appropriate, will help you build a stronger foundation for growth as it enables your leaders to take on larger leadership roles and responsibilities and builds a strong leadership pipeline ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

Mentoring / Coaching for Women Leaders and high potentials

We offer specialized services on mentoring and coaching for women leaders and high potentials across the spectrum – to help empower talented women to aspire to higher leadership levels, perform at higher levels of effectiveness, and realise their true potential, thus enriching both themselves and their organizations.

Gender diversity is at the top of the strategic agenda of most successful organizations today. Research has shown that women thrive in organizations where they are given the appropriate mentoring and coaching, and that such organizations in turn realize considerable benefits in retention, growth and profitability. The right coach can help talented women leverage their inherent strengths and capabilities and reach the leadership levels they are capable of.

While this service is being offered with a focus on women, we also help influence their work environment by extending the mentoring / coaching to the coachee’s eco-system – her manager, subordinates, colleagues, and organization at large.  Tackling the coaching challenge in all its dimensions will ensure better success.

360° Assessment and Feedforward services

We offer a unique personal interview based 360° assessment service via which we assess and provide feedforward to your leaders across all levels and help them build awareness of their strengths and development opportunities.  Heightened self-awareness leading to improved self-management is the key to the growth and efficacy of a manager and internal coach or mentor. This can be availed as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with our coaching / mentoring services.

Building a Coaching and Mentoring Culture in your organization

As Peter Drucker once said, “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast.” We help build a coaching and mentoring mindset in your leaders where awareness, new thinking, open communication, goal orientation, performance, empowerment, success, and resilience is supported.  We work together with your teams in putting together a structure and framework for coaching and mentoring to best support the needs for your organization and leaders.


Partner with us to Secure Growth and Transcend to  the next level       

Contact Cherian Kuruvila (Managing Partner, CNCTMS) at or +91 98860 55358 for more details on how investing in Coaching or Mentoring for your key employees could set the path for securing growth