CFI CEO Coach Accreditation Assessment of Michelle Chaudhuri’s Strengths as a Coach

Michelle’s greatest strength is that she is sound in both psychological literacy and in her systems perspective. Therefore she is able to understand her clients as human beings and also view them equally well from the organisational context.

Michelle comes across as very self aware, honest and non defensive in the course of her journey of becoming an executive coach.

Michelle is very reflective about her own strengths and what she needs to do better.

Michelle has managed to demonstrate her value of being appreciative and focusing on the strengths of the coachees. She also comes across as a very caring coach.

Michelle has brought in a huge emotional energy in to the assignments by investing immensely in listening actively, encouraging, using the tools, undertaking a follow up 360 degree and using the guide well.


Client Testimonial: CXO & Board Member in an IT Organisation

As I was working with dual responsibilities of Finance and HR …, Michelle was my sounding board and coach.

She has been extremely passionate about coaching as a profession, and used her natural abilities as a coach, her psychological literacy, her high level emotional intelligence, her cross functional and managerial experience, and the tools at her disposal, through the engagement with me.

Michelle has had such wide and varied cross-functional prior experience and her insightful inputs proved very beneficial to me, as she has “been there, and done that” in virtually every area that I needed an effective sounding board on.

Overall, in my view, she is brilliant at what she does. I strongly recommend her as a business and leadership coach to executives who need an experienced and balanced sounding board, who are keen to enhance their personal and Organisational effectiveness or who would like help in thinking about actions that bring operational excellence.


Client Testimonial: Team Lead in an International Banking Organisation

Michelle Chaudhuri is a long standing friend, and more recently my coach and sounding board.  Working with Michelle, over a year now,  I have been able to understand myself better and develop strengths that I was unaware I had!  I have been challenged to explore wider horizons with honest and professional feedback thus making me grow and develop as a stronger leader.  Michelle is forever providing me with useful resources that help my inner coach come alive and help myself by increasing self awareness and resilience.

Being a leader and coach myself, I continue to appreciate how focused and effective Michelle is as a coach.  She does this effortlessly by being a great listener and providing tools for self help and discovery and not providing the answers.    Despite not seeing me in my day to day working / personal environment, which continuously evolves and changes, Michelle is able to relate and recall my exact circumstances and experiences and integrates this in our discussions.  She is an invaluable coach who has made a big difference in helping me understand myself better and grow.  I would recommend Michelle to anyone who wishes to challenge themselves to improve further.